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Business Systems

Are you struggling to keep track of your Businesses records? Do you have a mountain of spreadsheets that never seem to quite do what you want? If one of your customers requested their personal information under the Data Protection Act would it cause you a problem? If so maybe we can help. Code Studio's staff have years of experience developing computer systems to solve data management issues like these.

These days there are a huge number of ways to tackle data management. Starting with the cheap option of simply using a beefed up spreadsheet and working up to other end of the spectrum with the fully bespoke web solution. In between there are the numerous software packages that allow different levels of customisation.

At Code Studio Ltd we will work closely with you to ensure we get the always difficult compromise between budget and requirements right. We will involve you at each stage of the design and delivery of your system. We will take the time to ensure that you understand the decisions we are asking you to make and we will always take the time to answer the questions you have.

To find out more or to request a free consultation simply get in touch using our contact form.

For more information why not get in touch?

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